10 Greatest Memories from the LeBron-Wade-Carmelo-CP3 Summer Vacation

Stars: They vacation just like us!

via Dwyane Wade’s Instagram
Building a huge sand sculpture in the shape of the NBA championship trophy, only to have Carmelo and Chris Paul destroy it before it was finished.

Excluding Chris Paul from conversations by going to the part of the pool that has water above 6-feet.

Ignoring LeBron’s repeated requests that they vacation next year at the exotic beaches of Lake Erie.

When they went out drinking, ordered a tray of drinks and Carmelo took all the shots.

Leaving Carmelo back at the hotel so they can have some fun telling Knicks jokes.

That time Chris Paul punched a dolphin in the balls.

Watching Jurassic World and telling all of their favorite Chris Bosh-is-a-dinosaur jokes.

Telling Carmelo to put on SPF 45 so he doesn’t get burned like he does all the time on defense.

Trying to convince each other that the Spurs won’t be much better with LaMarcus Aldridge and David West.

Getting drunk, prank-calling DeAndre Jordan and tricking him into thinking Chris Paul will change.
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