10 Mayweather-Pacquiao Promotional Slogans

Hey, it’s about time someone promotes this thing!
The fight everyone wanted to see.

The fight everyone wanted to see.
(Like, five years ago.)

Remember: Only part of your money goes
directly to an unrepentant domestic abuser.

Turns out boxing is still a thing(?).

Everything up until the very questionable ending decided by corrupt
judges that sets up a more lucrative rematch is going to be AWESOME.

Like a Kansas City Royals game, but without all the boring baseball part.

A fight so big a rapper will probably get shot.

A less douchey alternative to UFC.

It’s a thing people are talking about. You don’t want to feel left out do you?
You’ll have nothing to say at work on Monday! DO YOU WANT THAT?

Take a night off from being concerned about athlete concussions.

The winner fights … uhh … dammit. I legitimately can’t name another boxer.