12 (Real) Yelp Reviews of Nassau Coliseum

Nassau Coliseum is considered the biggest dump in pro sports. But is it really? Only Yelp can tell us.

“I still don’t understand how they still allow people to come to this place … They do have flatscreen TVs around the building, so that’s a plus … even though they probably fell off a truck.”

“Ever wonder where the senior citizens that still wanna work go but don’t fly down to Florida? Well, they all apparently work here and boy are they REALLY pissed about it too!”

“The building made me want to throw up the whole time.”

“The pros:
- Air
- Lighting”

“Smallest little joke stadium that I’ve ever been to … And I come from BUFFALO, NEW YORK!!”

“Nothing says hockey like a disco ball if you ask me.”

“The bathrooms are gross, the seats even more gross and the areas you use for ‘VIP’ areas are just large holding dock locations in the basement … gross.”

“Sure it’s a dump but it’s OUR DUMP! … a truly Long Island venue.”

“I’m in Long Island once a year for work and I usually take fellow employees to Islander games as that is the … only thing to do there besides eat.”

“I cannot figure out for the life of me why everyone says this place is a dump … It has ice, decent seating, serves beer, and parking is pretty easy … What else do you truly need?”

“Only half the games I have been to we won. So I give this place just 3 stars.”

“I go to watch hockey, not to sip a latte in a luxury suite.”