13 Reasons the Kentucky Wildcats are Overrated

How good is this team? Really?

  1. Kentucky only beat Hampton by 23 points in their NCAA Tournament opener. Hampton lost by more points this season to both Iowa and Northern Illinois, neither of which are considered all-time great teams.
  2. The roster is without a single go-to player on offense. Not one Wildcat averages more than 11.1 points per game.
  3. The Wildcats haven’t lost even one game. They have no idea what their weaknesses are or how to address them.
  4. A full 7/8th of Kentucky’s roster has NEVER won a national championship.
  5. Four Kentucky players have never played in a Final Four.
  6. A quarter of Kentucky’s “heralded” 2014 recruiting class is not 5-star quality. (Guard Devin Booker was only a 4-star recruit despite being a McDonald’s All-American.)
  7. Most draft projections say their starting five will NOT be selected with the first five picks in the 2015 NBA Draft.
  8. Twelve players on the Kentucky roster are sophomores, junior or seniors … AKA: players who simply were not good enough to go pro after one year in college.
  9. “Star” guards Andrew and Aaron Harrison are identical twins. They come from a very weak zygote that split in half. At their cellular level, the base level of their existence, they are quite frail.
  10. Head coach John Calipari has a 72–112 career record as an NBA head coach. Calipari has proven incapable of winning with NBA talent. Kentucky is 36–0. Ergo, Kentucky does not have NBA talent.
  11. Widely-respected SMU head coach Larry Brown said Kentucky could make the NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference. The Eastern Conference is universally regarded as inferior.
  12. The sun will burn out in 5 billion years. It’s unlikely that the 2015 Kentucky team will be considered an all-time great team when all of history is fully known, if you care to look at this with any perspective at all. I mean, come on.
  13. Kentucky only shoots 72% from the free throw line. That’s not great.