25 Signs College Football Season Is Here

1. Some people are saying things like: “College football season is here!”

2. It’s not college basketball or college baseball season.

3. There are college football scores and/or game match-ups and start times scrolling across the bottom of the screen on channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports Network and the CBS College Sports channel.

4. College football games are on TV.

5. Someone asks you if you want to go to a college football game with them this weekend.

6. You see tens of thousands of people sitting inside a college football stadium.

7. It’s been pretty warm for months, suggesting it’s later in the summer — the customary starting time of the college football season.

8. The NFL football season is about to start.

9. There is lots of traffic on a Saturday near the local college football stadium.

10. The Fall college semester is in its early stages.

11. Lots of sports websites have articles about college football.

12. You hear or see a marching band performing and it isn’t a patriotic holiday.

13. Sports highlights shows feature college football highlights from games played quite recently.

14. You are at a college football game.

15. There is a marked increase in discussion of college football on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

16. Water cooler talk at your place of employment includes someone saying: “Hey, did you see the football game on Saturday?”

17. People at sports bars ask employees of the sports bars to put certain college football games on the sports bar TVs.

18. You ask a friend or neighbor his or her plans for the weekend and he says he plans to “watch some college football.”

19. The local supermarket has a display of soda and chips depicting a college football scene or team logo.

20. You are thinking about what you might do or possibly not do for the Labor Day holiday.

21. You notice a bunch of people wearing college football jerseys grilling meat and drinking beer near the back of a parked vehicle.

22. You notice that a posted schedule of games for a college football team includes a date that is very close to today’s date.

23. Listicles about college football season starting are published on websites.

24. A friend of yours who attended a rival college sends you an e-mail or text message containing jocular comments about the inferiority of your school’s football team.

25. You are the member of a college football team and your coach says you have a game coming up very soon or maybe you are even playing in a game and have been recently pushed or tackled by a person wearing a football uniform that doesn’t match your football uniform.

Originally published on SportsPickle on August 29, 2013