6-Year Old Connor Reports to Soccer Camp in the Best Shape of His Life

MILTON, GA — Connor arrived at rec soccer camp today in what he says is the best shape of his life. The 6-year old believes he can really make his mark this year at the three-day, two hours per day camp for boys and girls aged 5–8.

"I'm feeling great. I'm taller than I was last year. I'm stronger, too,” said the blond-haired boy. “Last year I couldn’t run backwards without falling down, but now my coordination has advanced enough that I can. I think I'll have my best camp ever.”

Connor’s mom, Kristen, said the boy's diet is better than ever, as well.

“He used to turn his nose up at vegetables, but he likes raw carrots, corn and peas now,” she said. “And other vegetables I've been able to hide in dishes without him knowing. I also only let him have sweets once a day. I think he eats very well for a kid of his age. He’s not always eating McDonald’s and goldfish crackers like some kids I see.”

Connor’s mom also said her son has “lost some of his baby fat. But I’ll miss those chubby cheeks. They grow up so fast, you know?”

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After scoring four goals in his under-6 soccer league in the spring, Connor believes he is ready to take the next step in the fall.

“I'm growing and getting stronger every day. And I’m getting smarter,” said the boy. “It's amazing to think that just a few years ago, I was unable to hold my head up or even roll over. I'm proud of how far I've come, but I don't feel like I've reached my potential yet.”

Connor's camp coach, Miss Michelle, is expecting big things from him at camp.

"I want him to learn and get better, but most of all: have FUN!” she said.