8 Amazingly Hot Photos of Steph Curry’s Mom, Sonya Curry


What the hell is wrong with you??? It’s a guy’s MOM!!! You clicked here to ogle a guy’s mom. Think about that. Think about what you’ve become. This is a new low.

You’re better than this. You know you are. There are any number of positive things you can be doing right now. Not this. Come on.

This is a 48 year-old married woman. She raised three kids. She even had her own athletic career nearly 30 years ago. And you just want to what … look at her ass? Is that all she is to you?

What will it take you to get past this? There are millions of other women you can check out. The Internet is full of them. But don’t go out of your way to think about someone’s mom that way, okay?
How about this? Leer at actress Thandie Newton instead. She looks similar to Sonya Curry, right? Let’s make a compromise.

Sonya Curry IS pretty hot.

Originally published on SportsPickle