America Guesses It Will Watch Some Baseball Now

Here is baseball, a sport that people will likely watch some of now. (AP)

With the NBA and NHL seasons ending on back-to-back nights, the people of America have decided that they might just check out a little baseball sometime.

“Yeah, I guess that’s all that’s on now, huh?” said one American, of his nation’s pastime. “Well, if nothing else is on, yeah. Cool. I’ll watch some. That works."

Another American said that she will miss basketball and hockey, and is eagerly awaiting the start of football season, but acknowledges that baseball "is a sport that is on TV every night and will therefore be something that fills some of my time in the next few months. I like the summer, so I kind of like baseball. I don’t want to wish the summer away, you know?"

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said he welcomes sports fans who will now watch baseball because they have no other options.

"It's part of baseball's long, proud history," said Manfred. "For more than a century, people have been willing to sit in oppressive heat for three hours. Why? Because we're the only game in town. If one of the arena sports was in action and allowed people to sit in air conditioning, we’d be completely f — ked."

Americans say they're interested to find out what's been going on in baseball during the past month or whatever since it's started.

"Are the Red Sox good this year?" asked one. "I bet the Red Sox are good this year."

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