America sick of Aaron Rodgers’ cocky behavior after learning he is 1/16th black

GREEN BAY, WI — Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is facing public backlash today for his frequent celebrations and attitude with the press after it was discovered today that one of his great-grandparents was part black. The information casts Rodgers in a new light and has caused millions to worry that the quarterback’s behavior is setting a bad example to children across the nation.

“I long felt Aaron was just a confident competitor who is self-assured in his abilities and has fun playing the game,” wrote one woman in a letter to the editor in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “But now I realize he is a cocky thug who disrespects the game and his opponents. I don’t need to see him thrusting his pelvis to put on another fake belt, thanks. The NFL needs to rein him in or I will never let my children watch another game.”

Facebook also saw an explosion in posts criticizing Rodgers in the wake of the revelation about his great-grandmother on his mother’s side. The top trending topic on the social media site all day has been “Actually, Aaron Rodgers is bad.”

Questions about Rodgers’ leadership have cropped up, as well, with one national sports columnist writing that “maybe if Rodgers spent less time thinking up celebrations and more time focusing on preparing for games, he’d have more than one Super Bowl ring and wouldn’t have blown a 21–3 lead in Dallas. His teammates undoubtedly see his lack of respect for his opponents and the media and that rubs off on the whole team. It’s karma.”

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy had no comment on the news, but said he has not yet considered moving Rodgers to wide receiver or tight end.

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