Andy Dalton: “I still believe I can be the worst QB to ever win a Super Bowl”

CINCINNATI — Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has faced mounting criticism after each of his abysmal performances in his four career postseason starts, all of which were wild card round defeats. But as he enters his fifth NFL season, he is not lacking confidence.

“Yeah, I’ve heard the doubters. I know we’re 0–4 in the playoffs since I’ve been here,” said Dalton. “But I still believe in myself. I still think I can go down as the worst quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. I truly believe I have that kind of potential. If I didn’t, why come to practice every day?”

For their part, it seems the Bengals also believe Dalton can become the worst quarterback to ever win a championship — or they simply have no expectations to win a Super Bowl at all — as they went another offseason without bringing in a viable alternative to their deeply-flawed quarterback.

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“Obviously, I’d love to have what is referred to as a ‘good’ quarterback,” said Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. “But Andy Dalton is what I have. I don’t expect to win the Super Bowl by any means. But do we have enough talent around Andy on this team that if everything breaks right, and some other playoff teams have untimely injuries or uncharacteristically bad games, that we could somehow, inconceivably, sneak into the Super Bowl and win it? Maybe.”

Dalton is banking on it.

“I think I’ve shown in my career that I’m every bit the quarterback that guys like Earl Morrall, Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien and Jim McMahon were,” said the weak-armed quarterback oddly nicknamed ‘Red Rifle.’ “In fact, I think I have a strong case that I’m worse than all of them. All I need is a Super Bowl title to set myself apart from all the rest. I don’t want to be remembered as just another bad quarterback who didn’t win anything. I want to a bad quarterback who is remembered forever.”

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