Baltimore fans yell “O!” during national anthem to raise awareness that they like the Orioles

BALTIMORE — Fans of the Baltimore Orioles yelled out “O!” during the playing of the national anthem tonight in an act they hope casts light on an issue they say is very important and needs more attention throughout the world.

“The O’s are awesome!” said Deanna Martin, from nearby Dundalk, Maryland. “They’re going to the World Series this year, baby! Woooo! Go O’s!”

The thousands of fans at Camden Yards in Baltimore who screamed “O!” during the ode to America say they felt it was important to break from reverence for the flag and country so all those across the nation who don’t know how “friggin’ amazing” the Orioles are “could understand they’re right in the thick of the wildcard race.”

One Orioles fan admitted he was offended by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the anthem, but insisted shouting out the name of a sports team in the middle of the song is very different.

“That Kaepernick is saying America sucks. He’s saying it’s bad,” said Richie Smeltz of Reisterstown. “We have a positive message. We’re saying that the O’s are the best. They’re like if Joe Flacco played baseball. And, if, like all nine guys on the field were Joe Flacco.”

The Orioles fans said they will continue their actions during the anthem until they see a change in the number of people who acknowledge how great the O’s are.

“Until every SportsCenter leads with Orioles highlights, our voices will not be quieted,” said one fan. “Let’s go O’s!,” he added, vomiting into a half-empty plastic beer cup.