Bobby Bowden: “Bad people today aren’t like bad people in the good ol’ days”


Former Florida State head football coach referred to Jameis Winston as an “embarrassment” during an interview on Paul Finebaum’s radio show on Tuesday, stressing that players back when he coached “knew how to keep their stealin’ and rapin’ quiet. Nobody wants to hear about that stuff, you know?”

The 85 year-old retired coach said he wishes “it was like the good ol’ days when terrible people didn’t have to be so showy about. This new generation is all about me, me, me. In my day, the criminals in our program did it for the love of crime, not to get notoriety. It’s sad to think those days are over.”

Bowden stressed that it’s not all the fault of today’s bad people, but their victims, too.

“Do you want to know how many girls my players raped back in the ‘80s and ‘90s?” Bowden asked. “The answer is: I don’t know. I know it’s a lot, but I don’t the exact number because girls knew back then to keep a rape to themselves. They knew that reporting something like that and maybe starting up an investigation could tear the team apart. But they don’t care about football anymore. Again: it’s a selfish generation.”

Bowden, who once wrote a letter of recommendation for one of his old players/rapists, did admit that he is “encouraged” that Winston hasn’t been accused of anything in “several months.”

“Maybe he’s maturing,” said the old coach. “Maybe he’s finally learned to do his raping and such discreetly. I guess we’ll find out.”