Browns confirm Cody Kessler will make his final NFL start on Sunday

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson announced today that rookie Cody Kessler will make his first and last NFL start this Sunday against the Dolphins in place of injured teammates Robert Griffin III and Josh McCown.

“Cody is ready to go on Sunday,” said Jackson. “He’s excited. He wishes his career wouldn’t end so soon, but he realizes that some quarterbacks never get to start even a single game in the NFL. He wants to make his one game memorable.”

Kessler put up big numbers at USC for four years before being taken in the 3rd Round of the 2016 draft. Now, five months later, his football career will end in Miami due to terrible play, injury or both. But the 23-year old is handling the situation with maturity.

“Look, I knew this was how it was going to end when the Browns drafted me,” he said. “I’m a student of the game. I know that’s the fate here. It’s the football equivalent of a doctor telling you that you have a fatal disease with no cure. Would I have liked to live a little longer? Sure. Sure. But you can only the make the most of what you get. I’m going to try to appreciate everything about my final game on Sunday.”

Kessler’s friends and family plan to attend the game to be near him in his final hours as a quarterback, but Jackson said he is hoping the quarterback plays horribly.

“I think that’s the easier way to go,” said the coach. “If he plays great, and then suffers a bad injury, he’ll always wonder ‘what if.’ That’s hard on a young kid. No, I think it’s best for him to throw a ton of interceptions and walk away thinking he can’t play in the NFL.”

Jackson did not say who is slated to start Week 4 for the Browns, but predicted it will be sad.