Carmelo Anthony announces end of Olympic career: “I will only play for shitty teams now”

RIO DE JANEIRO — Carmelo Anthony won his third career gold medal in Rio on Sunday evening, adding to one of the greatest careers in the history of Olympic basketball. After the game, the 32-year old forward announced his U.S. career was over and that he would play the rest of his basketball career only with the shitty Knicks.

“It was a tough decision,” said Anthony of choosing to lose from now on. “Do I like being on a good team and playing with good players? Of course I do. But I’ve had that experience three times now. Well, four if you count my year at Syracuse. It’s time to turn the page from success and just be a Knick full-time.”

Anthony admitted the intermittent winning he experiences on the U.S. Olympic team ever four years made it hard for him to always be a good teammate with the Knicks.

“You’re on the best basketball team in the world and then you come home and have to take the court with people like Raymond Felton and Steve Novak,” said Anthony. “Or this year, a broken down Derrick Rose. I mean, of course I’m going to get depressed and not play all-out. Anybody would do the same. It’s like getting to experience heaven for two weeks and then being sent right back to hell. The torture feels even worse.”

But Anthony says he is ready to do nothing but lose now.

“I deserve to be all-in on the losing with my team in New York,” he said. “They need to know I’m not playing with good players on the side every four years. I want them to know I’m committed there, no matter how pathetic it gets and it will get very pathetic. Oh my god. I think I’ve made a terrible decision.”