Chase Daniel calls the Eagles a “Dream Team”

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Eagles have impressed through two games, opening the season 2–0 with victories over the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears. The start has been good enough that backup quarterback Chase Daniel declared after Monday night’s win that the Eagles are a “Dream Team.”

“Just look at the talent we have on this team,” Daniel said. “Jason Kelce, Leodis McKelvin, Jordan Matthews if he learns to catch, me if given the opportunity to play. We’re going to do some things. We are a dream team. A super-team. I look at us as the New York Knicks of the NFL.”

The comments echo Vince Young’s statements about the Eagles in 2011, a season in which Philadelphia went 8–8 and missed the playoffs, leading to head coach Andy Reid being fired one year later. But Daniel claims this edition of the Eagles is different.

“That 2011 team hadn’t played a single game yet when Vince Young made those comments,” said Daniel. “We’re already 2–0 and still get to play Dallas and Washington twice. The division is practically locked up. We’re already one of the greatest teams in Eagles history and now we are ready to stake or claim as one of the greatest teams ever. Some might doubt us, but they’re the same people who didn’t think we’d be 2–0.”

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler scoffed when told of Daniel’s comments.

“Give me a break,” he said. “They beat who? Us and the Browns. The Browns are the Browns and we’re terrible. I legit didn’t even prepare for the game and they still only won by 15 points. The Eagles straight up suck.”