Cleveland fans facing tough reality that long-awaited title still not enough to impress Milwaukee catcher Jonathan Lucroy

CLEVELAND — The City of Cleveland finally won a championship in June, its first 1964. But is the Cavaliers’ accomplishment all that meaningful if it wasn’t enough to impress Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy? That’s the question tens of thousands of Cleveland fans, residents and athletes are asking today.

The 30-year old, career .284 hitter turned down a trade to the Cleveland Indians before the Major League Baseball trade deadline, forcing Cleveland to take stock of its true place in the world.

“No offense to Cleveland or its people,” said Lucroy, who grew up in Florida, attended college in Louisiana and has spent his who professional career in Milwuakee, “but in no circumstances would I choose to live or work in that town which remains, in all fairness, a shithole. I understand what LeBron and the Cavaliers did. And I’m sure the parade was nice and fun. But the very next day it went back to being Cleveland. That hasn’t changed.”

While James did not agree that Cleveland is a “shithole,” he did say that not being able to land Lucroy was a “wakeup call.”

“It’s tough to have accomplished so much in your career,” said James, “NBA titles, MVPs, Olympics medals, but at the end of the day, if it doesn’t impress Milwaukee catcher Jonathon Lucroy … if he doesn’t want to come play in this city … is it really all worth it? It’s a tough question, man. The Lucroys of the world matter.”

Scores of Clevelanders echoed the thoughts of their supposed savior.

“I guess I just assumed that when we won the NBA title, people like Jonathan Lucroy would be impressed,” said a young female resident sunbathing in the city’s Edgewater Park. “It’s disappointing to think that we’re still not there.”

Others said despite not being good enough for Lucroy, the city — ever resilient — won’t give up.

“I heard we might get Tampa utilityman Steve Pearce to come here,” said James. “That’s not nothing. That could be a real boost to our civic pride.”