Cubs, Mets Admit It Would be Embarrassing to Lose in the Playoffs to Mets, Cubs

The Chicago Cubs and New York Mets are set to meet in the National League Championship Series and both teams admit they will be playing with a little extra motivation.

“To get this far, to get this close to bringing this franchise a championship, only to get bounced out of the postseason by the New York Mets of all teams,” said Cubs manager Joe Maddon. “I mean, no offense, the Mets are a good team this year, but that would be pretty hard to take.”

His counterpoint on the Mets, Terry Collins, echoed Maddon sentiments.

“This franchise has struggled to win over the years,” said Collins. “I can’t imagine how hard it would be to make it all this way only to get eliminated by the Chicago Cubs. I mean, jeez … being this good finally only to lose to the Cubs? The Chicago Cubs? The team that is most associated with losing in all of sports? My god. That would be awful. But please don’t take it the wrong way, I really respect the club they have over there.”

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Mets third baseman David Wright said it would be hard to look back at the 2015 season with any pride if the team gets eliminated by the Cubs.

“Just imagine telling people that,” he said. “’Yeah, we made it all the way to the NLCS in 2015.’ ‘Oh, yeah? Who’d you lose to?’ ‘The Chicago Cubs.’ People would laugh right in your face. I could never tell anyone. I’d live in shame the rest of my days.”

Cubs infielder Starlin Castro says the only thing that would be more embarrassing than losing to the Mets in the playoffs “would be losing to the Cubs.”

“Thank God I’ll never have to know what that must feel like,” he said. “I can’t imagine the Cardinals or Pirates will be able to look in the mirror for a long time.”

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