Danny Woodhead Decapitated in Tragic 4th of July Sparkler Accident


SAN DIEGO — San Diego Chargers running back Danny Woodhead lost his head and most of his torso Saturday night when a sparkler he lit to celebrate the Fourth of July blew him up.

“I told Danny that the sparkler was too much explosive for someone his size, but he didn’t listen,” said a friend who witnessed the accident. “He lit it up, it started sparkling and that was it — much of Danny was gone. It happened so fast, yet small.”

Woodhead’s injury is just the latest fireworks-related NFL injury to become public. Jason-Pierre Paul of the New York Giants lost a finger on the Fourth of July, and C.J. Wilson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost two fingers. Woodhead’s injury is the most serious of all.

“As far as location of the injury, Danny’s is most severe,” said a hospital source. “But as far as the size of the wound, I seriously doubt Danny’s upper body is bigger than those other players’ fingers.”

Despite no longer having a head and much of his upper body, many close to the running back believe he will be able to play this season.

“Danny is as tough and gritty and scrappy as they come,” wrote former Patriots teammate Tom Brady on Facebook. “They said he was too small to play in the NFL and he proved them wrong. Now they say he doesn’t have a head and is dead, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has his best season yet.”

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers also expressed his support for his decapitated teammate.

“With no head, he’ll have an even lower center of gravity and, without a brain, all of his cuts will be 100-percent instinctual,” said Rivers. “I’m excited about this team.”

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