David Blatt Can’t Wait to Find Out What His NBA Finals Game Plan Is


CLEVELAND — Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt said he doesn’t yet know what his game plan is for the NBA Finals, but he’s confident LeBron James will soon inform him.

“I don’t know when I’ll find out. Hopefully soon,” said Blatt. “The guys have been practicing the last couple days and installing stuff, but LeBron told me to stay here in my office. It would be awesome to find out before Game 1 tips, but who knows. This is the Finals. LeBron probably wants to be really careful that nothing gets out.”

Blatt said he offered to help LeBron develop the game plan for the Warriors, but the superstar Cleveland icon just laughed.

“He laughs at me a lot,” said Blatt. “Obviously, we have a really friendly, happy-go-lucky relationship. I don’t think that gets reported enough. Instead, all you hear about is how he doesn’t respect me. Where do people get that?”

The rookie NBA coach says he thinks he’s close to winning the trust of LeBron and will eventually transition into the role of a traditional head coach that is actually in charge of a team.

“I think LeBron just wants to win one NBA title on his own, you know — as both the star player and head coach — and then after he does that, I’m sure he’ll see the need to have me actually do stuff,” said Blatt. “Right? Doesn’t that make sense to you guys?”

LeBron wouldn’t say when he’ll share the Finals game plan with Blatt.

“David who? Black? What? Blatt? Is that a real name? Oh, that coach guy?” he asked adding air quotes around ‘coach.’ “I totally forgot what his name was. I always call him ‘new Spoelstra.’ I mean, I guess I’ll tell him eventually. It doesn’t really matter either way.”