Derrick Rose sent to neurologist after saying Knicks are Super Bowl favorites

NEW YORK — Knicks point guard Derrick Rose is being examined for a brain tumor or some other type of head issue that could be causing repeated cognitive lapses, such as his many recent positive statements about the New York Knicks.

“Obviously, we want the best for Derrick and that means finding out what keeps making him say the Knicks will be good this year,” said head coach Jeff Hornacek. “I was concerned back in July when he called us a ‘super-team.’ I knew something wasn’t right. I asked the team physician to check him out then. But he’s obviously gotten much worse since.”

On Monday, Rose doubled down on his positivity for his new team, saying they have a chance to “win every game” and “become the first team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins to finish the season undefeated.”

Rose has struggled with health issues throughout his NBA career, but has always been of sound mind before showing massive cognitive decline in recent months.

“I can’t diagnose someone without checking them out myself, but — yes, I would suggest he see a doctor and fast,” said Dr. Miriam Hack, a neurologist and brain surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital. “Pressure in the brain from some sort of growth can cause these kinds of thoughts. Or it could simply be a basic personality disorder, New York Athlete Megalomania, which causes an athlete in New York City to think he is far more relevant and accomplished than he really is. We see it all the time. Medication, getting traded to a team in the Midwest, or just getting soundly beaten by legitimately good teams for a few years usually treats it effectively.”

While Rose prepares to undergo tests, he has been contacted by Jets head coach Todd Bowles about trying out for quarterback.

“He’s a good athlete and every team can always use more of those,” said Bowles. “And I’d love for us to have someone in this organization who actually thinks the Super Bowl is a legitimate chance for us, brain disease or not.”