Dirk Nowitzki Reportedly Looking for Ways to Reject 1998 Trade from Bucks to Mavericks

DALLAS — The Dallas Mavericks’ offseason is about to get a lot worse.

After free agent center DeAndre Jordan backed out of a verbal deal with the team to stay with the Clippers, franchise player Dirk Nowitzki is now reportedly seeking to return to the Milwaukee Bucks, who drafted him No. 6 overall in 1998.

“Dirk is looking at every angle, going over every line of the collective bargaining agreement from both 1998 and today to see if there’s a loophole that can get him out of Dallas,” said a source close to the German big man. “Ever since he knew that DeAndre Jordan wasn’t really going to come here, he’s been saying that his heart has always been in Milwaukee.”

A contingent of Bucks, including head coach Jason Kidd, Jabari Parker and Mallory Edens, daughter of team co-owner Wes Edens, are on their way to Nowitzki’s suburban Dallas home to wait out the process with him.

“I don’t remember when Mr. Nowitzki got drafted by the Bucks. I was only three years old,” said Parker. “But I know I’ve always considered him a Buck. It’s time for him to come back where he belongs.”

Nowitzki has also tipped his intentions over the past 24 hours, tweeting out emojis depicting cheese and cows and snowflakes. But the 13-time All-Star, who has played 17 seasons with the Mavericks, reportedly will be flexible in his final decision.

“Basically, he’s willing to go to any NBA other than the Mavericks at this point,” said a friend. “Well, other than the Mavericks and Knicks. But other than that, he’ll go. But his first choice is Milwaukee. The bond he had with the city in the 10 minutes or whatever he was a Buck will never be broken.”