Eli Manning currently in cocoon phase as he prepares to emerge as Playoff Eli

NEW YORK — The New York Giants confirmed today that Eli Manning is currently in the process of undergoing his postseason metamorphosis from mid-rate, mistake-prone, regular season Eli Manning to beautiful and unbeatable Playoff Eli.

Head coach Ben McAdoo said Eli is currently in a cocoon at nearby facility and will emerge at full power in time to make it to Green Bay for Sunday evening’s playoff game.

“Eli will miss the last couple days or practice, but it’s obviously important we allow him to complete his life cycle,” said McAdoo. “If he stays as regular season Eli, we don’t have a shot in the playoffs. So we need to give him some time in chrysalis to change. He’s shown in the past it works.”

Manning’s Giants haven’t been to the playoffs since the 2011 season, but New York won the Super Bowl then and Manning is 8–3 with two Super Bowl championships in just five career playoff trips.

“I mean, I wish Eli was good all the time, including the regular season. I haven’t really seen it since I’ve been here,” said wide receiver Odell Beckham. “But you have to let him do what works for him, let him do his process. He was cool with me going to Miami to sit shirtless on a boat, so I have to let him be all wrapped up in a cocoon for a few days. That’s what being a teammate is all about.”

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