Floyd Mayweather Gives Stephen A. Smith a Tour of His Lavish Woman-Beating Dungeon

LAS VEGAS — Stephen A. Smith’s “all-access” interview with Floyd Mayweather continued today with the superstar boxer giving the journalist a tour of the lavish and beautifully-appointed dungeon in his multimillionaire Vegas home where he beats women.

“Damn! Are these MARBLE FLOORS!” said Smith, upon descending the stairs into Mayweather’s dungeon, which the boxer calls his “whoopin’ studio.”

Mayweather confirmed that the floors were imported Italian marble that cost him more than $250,000.

“I only accept the best and these are the best marble floors money can buy,” said the domestic abuse enthusiast. “Not only are they beautiful, but marble hurts like hell when you fall on it and it also cleans up nicely with a mop. I don’t need blood getting all over some carpets, you know?”

The boxer then took Smith to a built-in, Agar wood cabinet with drawers containing brass knuckles, whips made from fine leather and a diamond-plated billy club.

“How much does that billy club cost?” asked a clearly impressed Smith.

“That club? That ran me $750,000,” said Mayweather.

“Daaaaaamn!” said the awestruck journalist, rubbing his face.

After Mayweather showed off the state-of-the art sound-dampening ceiling and walls and the bank vault-style door at the entrance to the dungeon — “This is an exact replica of the ones at Fort Knox, but with gold inlays,” said Mayweather — Smith asked the welterweight a straight question.

“Floyd, why do you do it? Why spend so much money on a space to beat women?” said Smith.

“I want women to know I put as much thought into my actions down here as I do in the ring,” said the boxer. “I don’t cut corners. I want it to be a high-end beating so they understand it’s for a reason.”

“Yes! That’s what I’m talking about, man,” said Smith, engaging in an elaborate handshake with the boxer. “Women provoke it! I’ve always said that.”

Tomorrow on ESPN, Smith’s tour of Mayweather’s gallery of racist Asian and Jewish artifacts will air.