George Karl’s book now available in angry Facebook rant form and old-man-yelling-at-the-youth audiobook

NEW YORK — The publisher of the new book by former NBA head coach George Karl announced today that the release will also be available in two unique styles beyond the traditional print and digital forms. Karl just finished recording the audiobook of Furious George: My Forty Years Surviving NBA Divas, Clueless GMs, and Poor Shot Selection, in which he angrily yelled passages of the book at young players at a playground court near his house. The longtime coach will also post snippets of his book on his Facebook page primarily via all-caps rants.

A spokesman for Harper, the book’s publisher, said this is the first time the company has released a book on Facebook or angry audio rant, but felt it was fitting to do so with Karl’s because it is “the most old man book ever released.”

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“Remember the old man in your neighborhood growing up who used to yell at all the neighborhood kids for everything,” said the Harper publicist. “Now imagine he was a former basketball coach and all of his bitter rantings were captured in one place. That is this book.”

On his Facebook page, Karl will post the entire book over time in all-caps with a link to purchase the full book at the end of each post. Some of these passages will likely be broken up by his regular Facebook postings of political memes and links to fake news articles.

Harper also announced that both the audiobook and Facebook forms of the book will leave out previously shared passages on Carmelo Anthony being an overrated player who is difficult to coach and will never win.

“We felt that was so obvious it didn’t really fit in with the unhinged rants based on no reality that fill the rest of the book,” said the spokesman. “Carmelo Anthony being overrated is just fact and this book really isn’t about fact.”

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