GoPro Footage Through the Eyes of MLB First Baseman Turns Out Super Boring

ST. LOUIS — A new partnership between GoPro and Major League Baseball promised to give fans a player point-of-view of the action on the diamond, but the first recording done under the partnership has been deleted after GoPro officials deemed it “super boring. Really. It was mind-numbing.”

St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams was outfitted with a GoPro for his team’s game Friday night, but the resulting footage was “2 hours and 21 minutes of just watching the pitcher and then turning slightly to see the ball go to the hitter,” said GoPro spokesman Jeff Wright. “I guess it was mildly interesting when a fielder threw a ball to first? I don’t know. It all seemed pretty lame to me.”

GoPro employees attempted to set the footage to up-tempo music to make it seem cool and exciting, but “the fact remains it was just video of a guy watching a baseball game. There was nothing we could do.”

Adams said he is disappointed GoPro won’t use the footage.

“I actually thought that game was one of my more exciting games in the field in a long time,” he said. “I mean, for one example, there were a few pick-off attempts. If that doesn’t look badass on a GoPro, I don’t know what would.”

GoPro says they are reformulating their strategy with filming baseball action. Shoots planned for this week with a pitching coach and a third base umpire have been postponed.

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