Jim Harbaugh promises Michigan players he will remain their coach “as long as they get drafted by the Rams”

ANN ARBOR, MI — Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh sought to tamp down rumors that he will return to the NFL to take the open Los Angeles Rams job by meeting with his Wolverines players today in the team locker room after practice.

According to several players who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Harbaugh reiterated his love for Michigan, but did not explicitly say he will return for the 2017 season.

“At first he said he could guarantee that hadn’t coached his last game with Michigan, but then someone asked if he was just referring to our bowl game on December 30th and he kind of skirted the question,” said one player.

Another said that Harbaugh repeatedly said: “I love the colors blue and yellow together, okay? And I want to stay in them for a very long time.”

The coach further muddied the waters by vowing to “every man in the locker room” that he “will remain your head coach for a very long time,” adding — while mumbling in to his hand — “assuming you get drafted by the Los Angeles Rams.”

The coach then ended the meeting and asked one of the senior players who owns a car if he could give him a quick ride to the airport.

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