LeBron Admits Disappointment That Tyronn Lue’s Sandwiches Aren’t as Good as David Blatt’s

CLEVELAND — LeBron James said today that there will be some adjustment getting used to new head coach Tyronn Lue, the biggest being that former coach David Blatt made far superior sandwiches.

The Cavaliers superstar said he had Lue make him a chicken salad sandwich for lunch yesterday and, upon taking a bite, immediately feared there may have been a “huge mistake” made in firing Blatt.

“The chicken was dry, the bread was chewy, and the other sandwich guy knew I liked little pieces of walnuts in my chicken salad,” said James. “Lue put in cashews. Cashews! That’s not even close.”

James said he will give Lue some time to improve his sandwich-making, but said if there isn’t improvement soon, “he won’t be surprised if our GM fires him, completely without my knowledge.”

LeBron refused to address rumors about Blatt’s dismissal.

“It’s not true that he’s gone because he forgot to pick up my dry cleaning last week,” James insisted. “It’s Kevin Love’s job to pick up my dry cleaning and he forgot and he’s still on the team, isn’t he? Do I fault that Blatt guy for not reminding Kevin to pick up my dry cleaning? That’s a discussion for another day.”

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