LeBron Agrees to 10-Year Contract Extension with ESPN to Inspire Daily Content


BRISTOL, CT — Basketball superstar LeBron James today agreed to a 10-year contract extension with sports media titan ESPN that will see LeBron inspire content for the network, its website and radio partners every day through 2025.

“LeBron is more important to ESPN than any employee that we have,” said John Skipper, president of ESPN, Inc. “Anyone can talk about LeBron or write about LeBron, but only LeBron can do the LeBron stuff that allows us to talk and write about LeBron every day and fill air time and bandwidth with LeBron things.”

Under the 10-year extension, James will inspire daily content for ESPN until the age of 40, likely beyond when his playing career will end.

“That was an exciting part of the deal for me,” said James. “Even when I’m not playing, ESPN can spend time every day debating whether the players of that era are as good as I was, as they do now with Michael Jordan. I think it’s very important for my legacy.”

Under the terms of the contract, James is required to live his life.

“LeBron playing basketball is obviously great for our time-filling needs,” said Skipper. “But, really, we’re pleased to report on anything and everything he does or says or even interpret things he does not do or say. Remember last summer when we reported on LeBron’s son catching a fish while on family vacation? We plan to do a full week this summer on LeBron’s favorite vacation spots and what that says about his motivation to win a title. It’s great content.”

Hours after ESPN announced its extension with James, the network aired a package on SportsCenter about how much better the U.S. Women’s World Cup team might be if LeBron was a female who played soccer.

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