LeBron endorses Hillary, but cautions: “She could still blow it like the Warriors did up 3–1 in the Finals”

OAKLAND — NBA superstar LeBron James endorsed Hillary Clinton today in an op-ed that ran in Business Insider and the Akron Beacon-Journal, but he also cautioned fellow supporters that just because Clinton has a comfortable lead in the polls, the election is not over.

“It’s not over until it’s over,” wrote James. “History buffs know that from Truman defeating Dewey in 1948. And we’ve seen a more recent example as well when — back in June, just a few months ago — the Warriors blew a 3–1 lead in the NBA Finals. Everyone thought that series is over, but they got humiliated in the final three games and will be remembered forever as losers, even though they had the unanimous league MVP. Cleveland is champions and the Warriors are historic failures, even though they were up 3–1 in the Finals. Let’s not let Hillary be the Warriors.”

LeBron’s Clinton editorial then linked to 12 different YouTube video of the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrating their championship victory.

“I will work through election day to get Hillary the win,” said James. “That’s just how I am. If other people let up, she will lose. She could make a stupid mistake — like, for example, do the political equivalent of throwing a behind-the-back pass out of bounds late in Game 7 of the Finals — and then it will be all over. That presumed victory … gone, just like that.”

Warriors guard Steph Curry also announced today that he is endorsing Clinton, but will really be happy with any president who doesn’t follow basketball as closely as Barack Obama.

“It kind of sucks to always get text messages from the president of the United States, making fun of you for blowing a 3–1 lead in the Finals,” said Curry.