LeBron’s 10 Year-Old Son Drops 40 Points on Celtics on “Take Your Kids to Work Day”

BOSTON — LeBron James’ 10 year-old son, LeBron, Jr., came through in a big way Thursday night, scoring 40 pounds to go with eight rebounds and six assists in Cleveland’s win over the Celtics, giving the Cavaliers a 3–0 lead in the Round 1 series. LeBron, Jr.’s performance came off the bench as he shadowed his dad for Take Your Kids to Work Day.

“It was fun to play basketball at my dad’s work,” said LeBron, Jr., who put up his stat line in 26 minutes of action. “I want to be a basketball man when I’m older like my dad.”

LeBron, Sr., said it was a “real joy” to have his son at work with him.

“They sure grow up fast, huh?” said LeBron, after the game. “It seems like just yesterday he was in diapers and now he’s 10, hanging out at work with me and dunking all over Jonas Jerebko. It’s crazy.”

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said his team had no answer for LeBron, Jr.

“At first we kind of laughed and were like: ‘Awwwww. LeBron is letting his kid play,’” said Stevens. “And then we quickly realized he was far better than any of our players. He even crossed over Evan Turner so bad one time that Evan started crying.”

LeBron, Jr., not only got to play on his father’s team Thursday night, his dad also let him get dressed with the team in the locker room and take part in the postgame press conference.

“Talk about what it was like to play with your dad,” one reporter asked of the younger LeBron.

“I’m only 10 years-old, but I don’t think ‘talk about’ is a question,” said the boy. “You don’t seem very good at your job.”

Stevens said he is glad LeBron, Jr., will not be on the court again for Game 4 — “We have enough problem with one LeBron,” said the coach — but LeBron, Sr., said he hopes to play with his son again soon.

“I’m thinking that in a few years, when my boys are around 13 and 11, we could form a pretty awesome Big Three somewhere and win some rings,” said LeBron, Sr. “Maybe Coach Stevens could even be our coach. He’ll be about 14 or so then, right? My boys would really relate to him.”

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