Massachusetts Prisons Ban Inmate Party Cruises in Wake of Aaron Hernandez’s Escape

LANCASTER, MASS. — The warden at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Facility in Lancaster, Mass., has apologized after allowing Aaron Hernandez to leave the prison to host a party cruise. The former NFL tight end did not check back in to the facility when the cruise boat returned to shore, breaking a promise he made to prison officials.

“Look, I got duped on this one,” said warden Rich DeFilippo. “I got burned. That’s on me, okay? Aaron Hernandez is free because I trusted him that he just wanted to host a party cruise like his old friend Rob Gronkowski and then come right back to jail. ‘Where could I possibly go? I’ll be stuck in the middle of the ocean,’ he said. I shouldn’t have trusted him. But mark my words, no other prisoners here will be able to host party cruises from now on. Fool me once, et cetera, okay?”

In fact, not only will prisoners from the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Facility be banned from leaving for cruises, but all those incarcerated in the state of Massachusetts are now banned, as well, due to an emergency law passed by the state’s legislature.

“This is not a law anyone expected we would need before now,” said Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker.

Pictures from Aaron Hernandez’s Party Cruise were all over social media in the last 72 hours, including videos of dancing, drunk passengers, shirtless grinding, and the convicted murderer jumping from the ship onto a waiting escape boat and speeding away.

Law enforcement officials hope a second Hernandez party cruise will be scheduled for next year so the felon can be recaptured.

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