NBA Investigating Champion Warriors After Discovering “Golden State” is Not Even a Real State

NEW YORK — Following in the footsteps of the New England Patriots and St. Louis Cardinals, it seems the Golden State Warriors may be the latest title-winning sports franchise to run afoul of the rules after the NBA discovered that the team’s supposed home, Golden State, is not a real state.

“I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it does raise concern about what else they may be hiding or have been misleading about,” said commissioner Adam Silver. “We will investigate this matter fully and will demand full cooperation.”

Silver said he was tipped off to the deception when he attended a Warriors home game last week.

“I flew in and then the driver took me to Oakland,” he said. “Obviously, that caught my attention. I told him to take me to Golden State, that there’d been some mistake, but he told me the Warriors have been playing there for years. I was shocked.”

The commissioner was even more surprised when he tasked NBA security to look into the Warriors and they found, after checking Wikipedia, that Golden State isn’t even one of the 50 American states.

“Nor is it a territory like Guam,” said Silver. “What exactly are we dealing with here? Some rogue state? This is a serious matter.”

Investigators also found that the organization is looking to move to San Francisco.

“They’re highly mobile, they have vague origins … people are starting to panic that we let some sort of criminal enterprise into the world’s top basketball league,” said an NBA official. “I don’t know how this wasn’t uncovered before. They’ve been around for more than 40 years. But now they’re stronger than ever and will be difficult to defeat.”