Return season of “Los Angeles Rams” cancelled after one episode

LOS ANGELES — The much hyped return of “Los Angeles Rams,” a show that originally ran from 1946 to 1994, will be cancelled after just one episode. This according to the Variety, the entertainment trade magazine, which reported the news following a widely-panned pilot that featured a 28–0 loss to the lowly San Francisco 49ers.

“It just wasn’t working and you could see there wasn’t enough there to really build on going forward,” said a source with ESPN, the network which aired the first episode. “They were given months to develop the debut, so we felt it was inexcusable how bad it was. And some of the characters they promised — like young Jared Goff — were nowhere to be found. We really didn’t get where they hoped to go with a show based around punting. Maybe it was a shot at a dark comedy? I don’t know, but that’s not the show we ordered. Honestly, it wasn’t a difficult decision to pull the plug.”

The decision was made by ESPN in conjunction with FOX and CBS, as well as the show’s production company, the National Football League.

Case Keenum, who was oddly featured prominently in the first episode, said he is disappointed by the cancellation but knew it was a possibility: “I’m just a guy from rural Texas who came out to Los Angeles to chase a dream and try to make it big. It didn’t work out. For now, at least. But I’m not going to give up the dream.”

The quarterback said he will work as a waiter for now and hope a job comes open on another show. “The Chargers, the Texans, I’ll take anything,” he said. “Anything but the Browns. I’ll do porn before I do that.”

And despite the cancellation of his show, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher reportedly received a five-season production deal from a major football studio.