NFL Teams Eagerly Awaiting Mel Kiper’s Final Mock Draft So They Know Who to Pick


CHICAGO — With just hours to go before the NFL Draft, general managers and personnel directors from across the league say they are struggling to wait patiently for the final mock draft by Mel Kiper, Jr.

“If it was my decision, I’d go with Jameis Winston at No. 1,” said Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht. “But I’d be insane to make the final choice when Mel Kiper, a widely-respected talent evaluator and draft expert, can just tell me who to take. I’d be fired instantly by ownership if they found out I went away from what Mel suggested. He’s that well-regarded.”

Kiper’s reputation is such that several NFL teams are considering completely getting rid of their scouting and player personnel departments.

“Do you know Mel does an entire mock draft of all seven rounds?” said Steelers president and co-owner Art Rooney, II. “That’s gold. Free gold. Well, I think you have to pay for an ESPN Insider account to see it all. Either way, why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for scouts when the best who ever was is just handing out perfectly accurate evaluations and rankings?”

Kiper says he knows that if he headed up an NFL team’s personnel department, that team “would immediately begin winning all of the Super Bowls.”

But the analyst says he can’t remember the last time he got a job offer from an NFL team.

“They know I am unattainable,” he said. “The bidding war for my services would be too high. So they make no offer at all.”

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