Obama hoping it’s okay if he throws out the personalized Phillies jersey he got in 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Barack Obama has spent much of his time over his final few days in office as President of the United States organizing his personal belongings to prepare for his move out of the White House. One of his biggest decisions has been what to do with the nearly 100 personalized jerseys he received from championship teams over his eight years in office. One White House sources confirm he already discarded is the OBAMA 44 Phillies jersey he received in May 2009 in a ceremony honoring the 2008 World Series champions.

“It’s a team that won before he even got into office, and an ugly jersey from an organization that hasn’t been relevant in a long time. Plus, he’s a White Sox fan,” said White House chief of staff Dennis McDonough. “No offense to the Phillies, but what is he supposed to do with it as a private citizen? Wear it to the super market? Do some gardening? He only has so much space for clothes in his actual house.”

First Lady Michelle Obama says she urged her husband to pare down the jersey collection before they start their new life.

“It’s like going through an old t-shirt collection, but for a president,” she said. “He wanted to keep all of them initially, but I’ve had enough trouble not having him dress in dad jeans. I don’t think I can live with someone who lounges around the house in an old Saints jersey with his name on it. No. I said he could keep five jerseys. That’s it.”

Obama will look to unload many of the jerseys in a yard sale he’ll have on the South Lawn on Saturday morning, not including the old Phillies jersey that no one would ever want to buy.

“It’s not just sports stuff he was given that he’s selling,” said McDonough. “Basically everything inside the White House is available. If it’s not gold-plated, it will be thrown out next week anyway.”

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