Officials: Escaped NY Prisoners Were Hoping to Join Florida State Football Team


ALBANY — Law enforcement revealed today that captured prisoner David Sweat has spoken openly for the first time about the full extent of his plans with fellow escapee Richard Matt after they broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York last month.

“Sweat maintained all along that the original plan was to go to Mexico, but that didn’t strike us as factual because we would have had people looking for them at the border by the time they made it that far,” said Michael Timmow, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation. “Finally, today, he revealed their true intention, one that makes much more sense — they hoped to be welcomed and harbored in the Florida State football program.”

The two prisoners had done their research and believed that Jimbo Fisher and Florida State football would be the best chance for the pair to live in the United States.

“They had done a lot of research and saw the Seminoles as the best option for them,” said Timmow. “They initially looked at the Florida Gators because of their admiration for Aaron Hernandez, but in the end, Jimbo recruited them the hardest.”

While Sweat is 34 and Matt, now deceased, aged 49, they believed Florida State would give them a shot to play since the Seminoles once played a middle aged Chris Weinke at quarterback for four years.

“Getting to Tallahassee was their goal and they probably would have thrived there if they had made it,” said Timmow. “We’re just lucky we got them first.”