Panthers Third-String QB Joe Webb: “Hey, if anyone cares, I’m also black”

CHARLOTTE — Carolina Panthers third-string quarterback Joe Webb attempted to get some attention today off of all the coverage surrounding Cam Newton and race, reminding anyone who would listen that he is also a black quarterback on the Panthers.

“Guys, over here! It’s Joe Webb! Slightly lesser-known black quarterback of the Carolina Panthers,” said Webb, waving and clapping towards a group of media members huddled around Newton’s locker in the Panthers lockeroom. “Perhaps I can be of some assistance on this issue. Anyone?”

“Who’s that guy?” one reporter was heard asking a colleague. “Not a clue,” said the media member. “Whoever he is, I wish he’d quiet down. I can’t hear what Cam is saying about being a black quarterback.”

After Webb finally gave up trying to get attention, he sat slumped with his head down in his locker.

“What’s your problem,” asked backup quarterback Derek Anderson.

“No one cares about me,” said Webb. “Do you think it’s because I’m black?”

“Nah. No one cares about me either and I’m white,” said Anderson. “It’s just because we’re not any good.”

“Dammit. That’s what I feared,” said Webb.

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