Patriots say they would never share their videos of the Steelers locker room and practice field

FOXBOROUGH, MA — New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman criticized his team’s AFC Championship Game opponent today, saying his team would never share locker room videos like Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown did in the minutes following his team’s divisional round win on Facebook Live.

“That’s just not how we operate around here,” said Edelman. “We keep a tight lid on things. Nothing gets out if we don’t want it to. I mean, we have hours of footage from all over the Steelers facility — the locker room, the coaches’ offices, their practice field — and we’ve been watching it all week to prepare for Sunday, but you don’t see us sharing it with the world, do you? That’s because we practice a little something here called The Patriot Way, okay? We do stuff the right way.”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick would not comment on what Edelman had to say at his press conference today.

“I don’t get into that kind of thing,” said Belichick. “And I definitely don’t discuss publicly where we do or do not have hidden cameras in every stadium and practice facility in the NFL.”

The Steelers responded today by announcing they will have all of their facilities swept for cameras and audio recording devices, but star running back Le’Veon Bell said New England’s surveillance won’t be of any help in stopping him.

“Any room I’m in is full of smoke,” he said, “so no way they saw anything.”

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