Proof it wasn’t Russia that installed Donald Trump as president … it was the New England Patriots

SportsPickle has been smeared in the past as a purveyor of “fake news.” This is sad, as any long-time reader knows that SP has been right about so many things.

The truth is that quote-unquote “real” journalists have failed the American people again and again. Well, if a “fake news” site must step forward to be the one to report the facts, then so be it.

Here is the TRUTH about Donald Trump’s election as president. Finally. You will see that it was not the Russians or Vladimir Putin who got him elected, but the New England Patriots.

There you go. Finally some real journalism. Let’s see if other media outlets do what’s right and follow up on this. In the meantime, SP will wait to see if the Pulitzer people truly cherish good journalism and give the site its deserved recognition.

UPDATE! Here it all is in video form:

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