Report: Some people apparently already watching college basketball

According to a handful of posts on social media and some shots of actual crowds appearing in clips of games briefly shown on sports highlights shows, there are some people who have already begun watching college basketball even though football has not ended and March is a full two months away.

Twitter reported that it had “nearly two dozen” posts about a game between Kansas and Kansas State that was played on Tuesday night, while an in-depth search of Facebook also found a few mentions of the game there. Other games and teams have also received some attention on the social media sites in recent days and weeks.

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“Obviously, any time we can get anyone at all watching college basketball before college football ends, that’s huge for our sport,” said Jay Wright, head coach of reigning national champion Villanova. At the same time, we have a long way to go to raise awareness about our sport. I get people every day when I’m out around town asking me when our season starts.”

One sports fan who claimed to have heard some about this season was asked by a reported to tell him the big news of the 2016–2017 season and struggled with details. “Well, I think Kentucky is good, right? They have some good freshmen, I’m sure,” he said. “Oh, and apparently that one kid on Duke killed someone and so Coach K quit or something? Crazy. And, of course, you have to watch out for Gonzaga when the Tournament starts. They’ll be tough.”

UCLA head coach Steve Alford said he’s excited for when the country remembers the sport exists in a few weeks.

“It’s great for our players, too,” he said. “They’re mostly interested in watching football and the NBA right now, too, so it’s hard to get them to concentrate on college basketball. But I’m sure they’ll start getting focused on college basketball in a few weeks. It will be great. And when the brackets come out? That’s all they’ll care about until they lose their pool.”

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