Rex Ryan brashly predicts Bills will watch the Super Bowl

BALTIMORE — Following an ugly 13–7 loss to the lowly Ravens to open the season on Sunday, Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan did not lose any of his trademark bravado, brashly guaranteeing in the post-game press conference that his team will watch the Super Bowl at season’s end.

“I know what everyone is going to say after we lost the opener and I don’t care to be perfectly honest,” said Ryan. “What I do know is at the end of the year — and you can write this down — the Buffalo Bills will watch the Super Bowl. That’s a guarantee.”

Ryan said he will personally hold a Super Bowl party at his house and every Bills player will attend.

“I don’t care if we go 0–16,” he said. “This team will stay together and we will hang out and watch the Super Bowl in February and have some snacks. My wife just so happens to make an amazing bean dip. You can laugh if you want, but I think it’s the best bean dip out there. Do I think it’s better than any dip that Bill Belichick’s girlfriend can make? Damn right, I do.”

Bills players backed up their coach’s words.

“I’ll go to his Super Bowl party, sure,” said quarterback Tyrod Taylor. “As long as he’s not fired before then, of course. Then it would be awkward.”