Rumors of a Relationship Swirl After Pitchers, Catchers Arrive at Camp Together Again

CLEARWATER, FLA — Pitchers and catchers were seen arriving at baseball fields together across Florida and Arizona today, showing up a good week before the rest of their teammates plan to report.

“I don’t ask any questions. I just open up the facility and let them, you know … do whatever it is they do,” said Larry Moppet, who heads security at the Phillies spring training facility in Clearwater. “Do I wonder why they always show up together. Not really. It’s none of my business. But I think it’s pretty obvious, right?”

St. Louis Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak has been forced to respond to rumors circulating among the team’s fanbase about what pitchers and catchers are up to.

“All I know is that the pitchers and catchers walk in together with bags full of who knows what, and then we see video of them walking out hours later all sweaty and tired,” wrote one commenter on the team’s website. “What exactly is going on in there? And why do they need to get so flexible if all they’re doing is just playing baseball?”

Mozeliak says it’s time baseball is honest about the relationship between pitchers and catchers.

“Are they exactly like infielders and outfielders?” said Mozeliak. “No. And that’s okay. Not everyone is the same. We can celebrate those differences instead of forcing pitchers and catchers to spend a week together away from everyone else.”

Yet some pitchers and catchers still are not comfortable living their truth.

“I haven’t even told my parents yet that I play for the Phillies,” said one Phillies pitcher. “I don’t know how they’d react.”

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