Russell Westbrook: “Why would I be angry that a skinny ass, choking traitor left my team?”

OKLAHOMA CITY — Russell Westbrook says he is not upset that Kevin Durant chose to leave the Thunder, nor is he hurt that his longtime teammate didn’t even call him before making the decision to leave Oklahoma City for Golden State earlier this month.

“Not at all,” the point guard said today. “I think you get upset if someone good and worthwhile leaves you, you know? But we’re talking about a skinny ass, choking traitor that left. I think the fewer of those you have on your team and in your life, the better. Right? It’s a positive. Addition by subtraction.”

Westbrook’s comments contradict recent comments by sources close to the All-Star who claimed he was “angry and hurt” by Durant not even bothering to call him personally before or after the signing.

“Huh. Sounds like some people were talking without my permission,” he said of those comments. “They seem more like Kevin Durant people than Russell Westbrook people. You know, on account of them being lying traitors.”

“Were they really skinny, too?” he continued. “The freakish, disgusting kind of skinny that’s hard to look at and proves they never put any time in the gym? So they don’t have the strength to make it through a season and therefore go 7-for-26 from three in the final three games of a conference championship series to totally blow it for their team and the city they claim to love? I bet they were. I once knew someone like that. He was the worst. A complete piece of shit.”

Westbrook then insisted one more time that he is not angry with Durant and excused himself because he “had some important stuff to do.” Minutes later he was seen in the arena parking lot destroying the pavement that used to mark Durant’s parking space with vicious sledgehammer blows.