Ryan Lochte has Olympic medals stripped after testing positive for lead paint chips

RIO DE JANEIRO — The 2016 Summer Olympics have gotten even worse for American swimmer Ryan Lochte. After failing to medal in his final race against Michael Phelps in the 200m individual medley, Lochte created a controversy by claiming he was robbed at gunpoint. Now it is being reported that Lochte will be stripped of the 4x200m freestyle relay gold he won in Rio after testing positive for lead paint chips.

World Anti-Doping Agency officials say urine samples Lochte supplied both before and after competing in Rio were found to have “massive amounts of both lead and paint residue in them.” The agency admitted that there are “no known positive effects for an athlete from ingesting lead” and, in fact, “lead paint chip consumption can forever impair a person’s brain.” However, all substances that do not appear naturally in the body are banned by WADA, “especially at such high levels. It’s like it’s all this guy eats.”

Lochte’s attorney says the swimmer will fight the ruling.

“For one thing, I know for a fact that paint chips are not all that Ryan eats,” said his attorney, David Meyerson. “I was actually over at his house this morning and he was having a big bowl of glue for breakfast.”