Sixers Announce No Noticeable Decrease in Jersey Sales Since Adding StubHub Logo

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers became the first NBA team to strike a jersey sponsorship deal, announcing on Monday that a StubHub logo will be placed on the upper-left chest area of the team’s jersey.

Jeff Martis, the team’s Merchandising Director, announced today that despite concerns that fans would be turned off by logos, jersey sales have remained the same as before.

“Last year on May 16th, we sold one Sixers jersey and this May 16th we sold one Sixers jersey again,” said Martis. “Our jerseys have been purchased for years now by people looking to give gag gifts for birthdays and bachelor parties and the like, and we believe the addition of a corporate logo only makes the Sixers jersey more pathetic and more attractive to the joke gift market. In fact, both last year’s jersey sale and this year’s were customized jerseys with the player name LOL and the number 69.”

The Sixers believe they will actually see an increase in sales near the holidays as people purchase purposely awful presents for office parties and family celebrations.

“We are happy to partner with StubHub,” said team owner Josh Harris. “Although we did look to hook up with a company more in line with our brand, such as Pfleuger Brothers Whoopee Cushions and the Philadelphia Eagles, they were uncomfortable associating with us and StubHub’s $255 a year offer was what we went with.”

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