SportsPickle’s Rio 2016 Gold Medal Picks!

Here are SP’s official picks for medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Check back during the Games to see if they were correct!

Individual Beer Flight Medley: Michael Phelps, USA

Boxing: Hope Solo, USA

Basketball: Kevin Durant, Russia (after defecting from USA)

Men’s 200mm: Draymond Green, USA

Losing to Usain Bolt: Justin Gatlin, USA

Competitive Paste-Eating: Ryan Lochte, USA

Porn: Steele Johnson, USA

LGBTQ Boxing: Tyson Gay, USA

Grit: Matthew Dellavedova, Australia

Beach-Covered-In-Washed-Up-Body-Parts Volleyball: Walsh-Jennings and Ross, USA

Pink Eye: Bob Costas, USA

Soccer: Brazil

Diving: Soccer

Shooting: United States

Decathlon: tie between Vladimir Putin, Russia, and Kim Jong-un, North Korea

Diarrhea: Everyone