Study: All the Games You Fall Asleep Watching Have Awesome Finishes

According to a study released today by the American Institute of Sleep and Sport, every time you fall asleep watching a game or decide to just go to bed early, you miss out on amazing games everyone will talk about the next day.

“Without fail, when you fall asleep before the games end, you miss buzzer beaters, amazing comebacks and historic plays,” said the study’s director, Ben Mason. “Sometimes all of them.”

Not only does sleep cause you to miss these iconic sports moments, leaving your television in any way does, as well.

“Remember when you left your house to go see the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight and didn’t see the end of the Clippers-Spurs series?” said Mason. “Yeah, you shouldn’t have done that. That was dumb.”

The study found that people who live on the East Coast miss the most awesome games, while those on the West Coast often miss amazing games due to going outside and “doing stuff and having a life. It’s really quite sad.”

Mason said that the best way to avoid missing out on great games is to never sleep.

“And if you sleep in, you can miss some great soccer action from Europe,” he said.

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