The 10 Worst Dynasties of All-Time

Here are some of the worst at being great over an extended period

Chicago Blackhawks: 2009–2015

Back when the word “dynasty” meant something, you had to win two or three championships in a row, not one every other year or every two years. So the Blackhawks have won three Cups in six years … that means they’ve LOST just as often during their “dynasty.” They’re equally a losing dynasty as they are a winning one. Or don’t you understand fractions?

San Francisco Giants: 2010–2014

The baseball version of the Blackhawks in that they can’t even win a title in back-to-back years … but the Giants are (somehow) even worse than Chicago. At least when the Blackhawks fail to win championships, they still make the playoffs. The Giants didn’t even make the postseason in 2011 and 2013. Pathetic.

New England Patriots

One Super Bowl title in 10 seasons. Four Super Bowl titles in their entire history … and ALL of them won by cheating. If the Patriots are a dynasty (and they’re not), they’re a dynasty of organized crime.

Alabama football: 2009–2012

Nothing like a “dynasty” that features Trent Richardson. Give me a break.

UConn women’s basketball: 2000–2015

The Huskies have nine championships in the past 16 seasons. That seems like a dynasty. But UConn’s titles are meaningless. They’re clearly playing competition that is far inferior to them. It’s time someone says it: the UConn women are bullies. They have a bullying dynasty.

New York Yankees: 1923–1943

The Yankees won 10 World Series titles between 1923 and 1943. They played against ZERO players of color during that time. I mean, if you want to celebrate racism, go right ahead and call the Yankees a dynasty. That’s your decision.

Philadelphia Eagles: 2011

A “Dream Team” should be the greatest dynasty of all-time. These scrubs went 8–8 in a garbage division. Some dynasty. #smh

USA Men’s Basketball

The original “Dream Team.” But extremely overrated. The U.S. men have only won five Olympic golds in the past 23 years. That’s 18 years of nothing in the past 23. That’s more nightmare than dream.

Ming Dynasty (1368–1644)

A true dynasty should rule the entire world. These idiots struggled to control just China and didn’t even know half the world existed.

“Dynasty” (1981–1989)

How do you call your show “Dynasty” when you only win one Golden Globe for Best Drama in nine years? The show should have been called “Liars.”