The Crappiest Fantasy (Playoff) Team in America: Week 15

Sure, your fantasy team may suck. But it doesn’t suck this bad.

We’re down to the semifinal sucking round, featuring teams who were great all season long, only to blow it when it really matters. There used to be a player in the NFL named Peyton Manning who did this very thing every year in real football. #WhereAreTheyNow

First up this week, we begin with teams that were narrowly and painfully knocked out of their fantasy playoffs.

From Ryan Z …

So my team this week didn’t exactly put up crappy numbers, but the way I got knocked out of the playoffs is pretty brutal.
First of all, Brandon McManus missed a simple extra point, which would’ve given me the win. Second, Ryan Fitzpatrick took a kneel down on the last play to also screw me out of the winning point. Sproles could only manage 9 rushing yards, 1 yard short of my needed point. Same for Marvin Jones (89 yards) and Fitzpatrick (299 yards). All of this is was frustrating enough, then I noticed who my opponent picked up an hour before kickoff for “emotional support”.
As a Steelers fan this is now the second time Tim Tebow has knocked my team out of the playoffs.

God bless.

Next up … this team, submitted by Marcel, who writes: “My friend was too heated to send this himself.”

If you think a loss in the semifinals by 0.1 points is bad, then what about another loss in the semifinals by 0.1 points despite putting up more than 212 points for the week?

From Zach: “I beat the 2nd seed to move to the next round and then this happened. Also with Luck, Lynch, Chris Johnson, Jonathan Stewart and Edelman all hurt on my bench.”

Next, from Andrew … a team that was knocked out of the playoffs on stat corrections! On tackles!

And, finally, a team that did not suffer a bad beat … because it sucked far too much to lose to anyone narrowly. This squad of fantasy, but very real, chokers was submitted by Daniel L., who notes that his team was 10–2 heading into the playoffs and was the No. 1 seed in the league.

Chin up, Daniel. You remain No. 1. Number one at sucking.

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