The Crappiest Fantasy Team in America: Week 2

Sure, your fantasy team may suck. But not this much.

Week 1 of the NFL season only scratched the surface of crap. And it was a light scratch that barely broke the surface. The true stink that makes your eyes water was not unleashed. Our Week 1 winner totaled 47 points. Bad, but nowhere near the historic failure that this contest has long enjoyed.

Week 2 is where the disasters historically begin. Players get hurt. Players get benched. Players play for the Browns. Players are foolishly put into lineups based off of one fluke performance in Week 1. And this year is no different. But before we get right to the worst of the worst, here’s the most pathetic matchup of the week, submitted by Jared:

Yes, 92 points scored combined! It was the Rams-Seahawks of fantasy football. It might be time for these guys to join a league that features some fantasy punting. Points Per Punt (PPR) leagues are very popular.

Next up, this team submitted by Tristan, which is the biggest blowout of the week:

A 79-point defeat! However, if the team on the right had only started Cam Newton, Randall Cobb and Gary Barnidge, it would have been a 36–36 tie. Silver linings.

Next, we have this team, submitted by Jacob:

Forty-two points is not good. But that’s not why this team is here. Check out Yacht Club’s bench:

Yes, this team’s owner made the wrong choice in Week 2 at … every position. If Rex Ryan ran this team, someone who isn’t at fault would totally be FIRED.

And, finally, our Week 2 winner. Submitted by Justin, with the team’s name and owner blacked-out to spare him/her from deserved public scorn:

Yes, just 32 total points. When a Dolphin leads your team in scoring, you know your team has a chance to win Crappiest Fantasy Team. In fact, both ESPN and Yahoo should auto-submit teams led by Dolphins to this contest.

The exciting thing is that this team has a good shot to be a repeat winner this year, especially considering Adrian Peterson’s injure. Apparently this team’s owner drafted Peterson in the 1st Round and then thought: “He’s a great fantasy player. My team is set. I’m not going to draft anyone else until the 7th Round.” It’s looking like that may have been a bad strategy.

That’s all for the crap this week. Check back again to see more awful teams next week (or, more likely, just the team above again).